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Why Coach Poppu Floral Tote Bag Will Pop At Summer ?

There may be times when you really need to carry a lot, thus the need to have a huge bag to hold whatever it is that you have to carry. Now if you want to still be in style while carrying a lot, perhaps choosing a bag that is as chic as this Coach bagscould do the job.

This may be simple, but its cutesy design is already enough for this bag since this is not actually intended for after-dark use. Rather, this coach handbags is more apt for day time facade, helping you transport things here and there. This is just made from white leather and patent leather, which also adds to the bag’s versatility. This also makes the colorful stripes on the front stand out, along with the script font version of the logo.

The coach bags looks large enough to pack every essential you have, and you’re guaranteed to carry this satchel with ease since it has an adjustable, removable shoulder strap, which adds option to its short double top handles.

There is a mixture of punky, prep, romance and street vibe in All-American brand Coach handbags latest, the Bella Tote. This piece is featured in the Poppy Floral Graffiti line, which is either a hit or miss for you depending on your taste and age group.

I don’t like to compare two very different name brand parties to each other, as far as having similar ideas in their collection, as I like to believe that each designer brand storms up their very own ideas. This line is indeed funky and fresh, but the oversized printed floral design along with graffiti tagging throughout the background of this coach bags is not such a fresh idea, considering the fact that French House Louis Vuitton Handbags presented the Roses and Graffiti concept for their Stephen Sprouse collection, last year. is the best blog for coach bags lovers Click here to get your own unique version of this article with free reprint rights.