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White Dwarf 250 Magazines Issues Job Lot (Kent, Price: £200)

White Dwarf Magazines 245 250 Issues E.Mail Message For Details I have for sale my cousins collection of White Dwarf magazines. They are used and the majority are in very good condition. I will look through them and find any that are not great and forward pictures if required. There are a couple of double copies around 5 so all together 250 issues. Individually these are selling for anything between £2.50(inc. postage up to £9.99(inc. postage so you looking at around £800 plus worth if purchased individually if not more as older copies are selling for £8 10 each. Excellent For A Collector Or Fan Im selling the lot for £200 for pick up only. And can be delivered but wil have to contact me and arrange negotiate cost can meet half way etc. You wont get a better deal or even a collection as large as this It would cost you considerably more if you tried to collect this many copies not to mention the time and effort If you have further questions please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you.