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White Cyc Studio Digital Effects

Have you watched the series Star Trek on tv? Have you seen a Star Wars movie? Have you seen a science fiction movie or TV series involving outer space? Have you wondered exactly how they developed the views soaring in outerspace? The majority of the visual effects for these types of shows were shot in a white cyclorama studio using infinity cycs. The infinity cyc is bent at the bottom where the walls and floor join collectively creating a visual effect of unlimited space. A white cyc studio is used on stage to develop an illusion of atmosphere.

Star Trek is a good example demonstrating the starship Enterprise traveling through unrestricted outerspace bombarded by stars coming from a long distance plus the cameras zooming in on the spaceship. At the end it would present the starship Enterprise in outerspace while the cameras would zoom away from the starship when the show was concluded. These types of digital effects were executed by using a white cyc studio. The type of the starship Enterprise was hanging from the threshold in the center of a white cyclorama stage.

What is a great white cyc studio? The white cyclorama has to be well constructed and free from: visual defects, seams, grime, visual corners, and sharp angles that produce shadows. The white cyc needs to have: 1) Efficient space for zoom images and to avoid crowding, challenging camera angles, and invite for suitable lighting preparations. 2) A big ceiling to counteract tough camera angles, and lighting difficulties. 3) Several cyclorama walls to film against in order to avoid filming limitations. 4) Efficient time for organization, shooting and take down if leasing a white cyclorama studio.

Some film studios do not have their very own white cyclorama studio, so when they need to use a white cyc studio they go off lot and book one of several studios in LA. There are a number of studios near LA. Let’s examine what a couple of studios include.

White cyclorama studios in LA need to feature: 1) Whisper quiet air conditioning. 2) 3000 square feet of space to work with. 3) Ground level entry. 4) 16 and a half feet to lighting grid. 5) Two white cyclorama surfaces seventy-feet in size. 6) Full lighting and grip. 7) Free V/O booth and make-up room. 8) Any kind of required production equipment.

Some other fantastic studios that you could rent out includes: 1) 80 linear feet of shootable white cyc. 2) Twenty ton of grip, lighting, stedicam, jibs, dollies. 3) Three white cyc studio walls. 4) Motion control setup. 5) 4 editing bays. 6) 3D animation/compositing. 7) Pre to post production crews. 8) Film, video, and post production equipment. 9) Film, HD, and SD camera packages HD cameras. 10) Mini thirty-five adapter from P and S Technik thirty-five mm Zeiss PL, F-one point three speed lens 18, 25, and 35, fifty, eighty-five. 11) 25 foot Stanton Jimmy Jib with Remote Head and Dollies. 12) Cinema Products Provid Steadicam for 16 mm film, HD, DV-Cam and DV cameras.

There are so many other sites offering a variety of forms of advice on how to use White Cyc but most of them are not very detailed or concise. Before following these, make sure to check my own articles and reviews on White Cyc Studio and White Cyc Rentals, You can also reach me at 1-323-851-3825 or [email protected]