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Which Are Perfect Ingredients For Perfect Hair?

Beautiful hair has always been dearly loved right through the history. Some prefer them long while others find short to be elegant, but no matter whether you like your hair to be long or short, what actually matters is the texture and health of your hair. People, especially women, have been particularly cognizant about their hair care; hence, many herbs and ingredients have been exceedingly recommended for fine and dynamic hair.

The texture of the hair can be changed by various options. There are many chemical and drug procedures to treat your hair. But in order to avoid any undesirable effects, the use of natural herbs is the best possible solution for all hair types. In order to have wonderful hair texture many methods of producing oil from natural herbs and plants are used in the form of medicines.

HAIR COLOR: Hair colour is directly related to skin colour. The pigment is usually the same, people with dark complexion have more pigment in their skin and have dark hair too. Similarly people with a fair complexion are usually blonde or have light coloured hair.

Henna is one of the most traditional and widely used treatments for hair endorsement even till this day. Henna is an herb which grows in the tropics. Since, ancient times henna has been used for hair as well as skin. When henna is mixed into a paste with other herbs and aromas such as gooseberry extract, perhaps coffee and lemon juice, it forms the best solution for hair loss and dull hair. Henna adds a gleam to dark coloured hair, and also adds a rich deep red colour and, has no side effects that the ammonia dyes could cause.

You can conduct a small test on your hair to know the type. * Shampoo your hair a day before conducting this test. * Now take a piece of tissue paper, and press it against your head and behind your ears. If you see oil on the tissue paper it means you have oily hair, if the tissue paper is dry that means you have normal hair, similarly if the tissue has some dandruff on it, this shows that your hair is dry.

There is a very old yet true adage that goes like, “You are what you eat”. The most essential food for hair growth should have vitamins and proteins in it. Make sure that you have a lot of vitamin A in your diet as it takes care of many things including hair loss. Always prefer to have spinach, salads, milk and sprouted beans. For proteins you can include the following in your diet; buttermilk, wheat germ, Soya beans, whole grains and other nuts.

In today’s fast paced world, many people hardly get time for themselves, and to treat yourself with herbal remedies takes a lot of time. But, on the other hand, advanced technology has helped us in many ways; the proper nutrition which is required for hair can easily be found in various hair serums and shampoos, which are the best solution for all your hair troubles.

Herbal ingredients are the best solution for having perfect hair. It is a reverie to have striking and fine looking hair, which is admired by everyone. It is important to take good care of hair as dull and dead hair not only hinders your confidence but self-esteem as well. Strong and harmful chemicals must not be used as they might make your hair full of life for a temporary time span but have many destructive after effects.

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