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What’s The Favorite Candy Bar Of All Time?

Butterfinger Candy Bars, sounds familiar right? Who haven’t tasted them? I am certain that this delicious candy bar has been or is part of your childhood, too.

By the way, when and where did the magic of Butterfinger Candy Bars start? If we are to trace its history back, this all time favorite candy bar was first manufactured in 1923 by the Curtiss Candy Company which is located in Chicago. Until such time that it was acquired by Nabisco.

What makes Butterfinger Candy Bar an all time favorite? I must say its taste itself that spells magic to each young and adult who gets to taste it. Butterfinger candy bar is originally consists of a crispy orange-colored peanut-buttery center which is covered with a delightful chocolate coating.

However, the candy bar acquired a new flavor during the time it was acquired by its new owner Nabisco. It is said that no one among the old employees could recall the original recipe of the candy bar. So, they just made a new recipe instead.

The combination of its rich milk chocolate and crispy peanut butter must be one of the greatest secret to its success up to these days. As numerous children, teenagers, young adults and adults are still hooked to it. Are you one of them? Well, I will not bother questioning why because I know just like any other Butterfinger Candy Bar fanatic; you’re just spell bounded by its deliciousness.

The Butterfinger as of today is comprised of 36 candy bars per pack. I think everyone would agree that it is a great source of joy between family members, friends and even colleagues. You can purchase a pack and enjoy it every now and then at home. You could also bring it in your workplace and share it with your clients, co-workers and even your employer.

Not just that, you can also give a twist to your homemade recipes but adding a touch of Butterfinger candy bar on it. It is best for cakes, ice creams, cookies and pies. So, go grab a pack or more of this legendary candy bar and be mesmerized by the magical and delightful taste of it, once more.

Take yourself back to your childhood days by enjoying the taste of Butterfinger Candy Bars. Make the experience more blissful with your family, friends and more.

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