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What’s More Fun Than Wearing Shoes? Buying Them!

For most women they are as much a source of stress as of pleasure, as much a potential foe as a trusted friend. For centuries shoes have played an important, pivotal role in a women’s ensemble. Whether one is attending a baseball game, a lunch with friends, or an annual gala, choosing the proper pair of shoes to complete one’s look is simply essential.

A woman’s choice must at once reflect the season, her personal style, the outfit she has selected, and the occasion or event being attended. Even paired with the perfect dress or jeans, the wrong shoes simply cannot be overlooked; for the style-conscious woman the perfect flats, stilettos, even tennis shoes are a prerequisite for completing any look.

The effect of one’s outfit depends on selecting the proper footwear to convey to the world her understanding of herself, her personal style, and her take on the trends of her current surroundings.

While in decades past it may have been acceptable for a woman to look as though she were recycling a “classic” or sporting a trend that is “en vogue” in some other city or country, today a woman is always expected to be dressed for her surroundings. Sporting Crocs in Milan or Uggs in Miami simply won’t cut it.

Luckily for today’s economically-conscious shoe-lovers, there are a few simple tips that will guarantee that no woman goes astray next time she ventures into the shoe department of the local department store. These rules will allow you to quickly master the art of shoe-shopping, while not depleting the majority of the contents of your wallet.

The first rule that every woman should remember when contemplating her next footwear purchase, is to consider carefully the relative price of the potential shoe choice at hand. Many women continually make the mistake of repeatedly buying somewhat less-than-desirable shoes simply because they are on sale for a very reasonable price. While the price of a pair of shoes may be very cheap, purchasing numerous pairs this way quickly begins to add up. A good rule of thumb for any woman to live by is to consider the question, “would I want these if they were not on sale?” If the answer to this tried-and-true test is yes, than the purchase is likely a valuable one, however if it is no, leave the shoes behind. A closet full of cheap, B-list shoes can often lead to guilt-tripping one’s self into forcing a less -than-desirable footwear choice just to gain the satisfaction of knowing they were used.

In addition to the simple sale rule, another important tip for all shoe-lovers on a budget is to remember that different shoes have different values. Many women make the mistake of splurging on this season’s trends, only to find themselves having to look through the aisles of the local bargain store for the staples they need every day. Instead of allotting the majority of your shoe budget to this year’s must-haves, spend more on the classic pieces that will stay with you. Invest in the everyday flats, work pumps, dress stilettos, riding boots, and driving moccasins, and then spend your money more frugally on all of the seasonal trends. Buying high-quality reproductions of designer trends is one great way to enjoy this year’s look without breaking the bank.

There are certain everyday staples that every girl should invest properly in: a classic pair of silk or leather ballet flats, a nice pair of stiletto black heels, quality leather equestrian-style boots, and finely stitched driving moccasins. These shoes will be worn daily and are classics that can be utilized for years to come. As a result, these categories of shoes should be purchased with a bit more care and investment. Spend a bit of time comparing between brands, colors, materials, and find the perfect choices to suit you and your lifestyle.

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