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What You Want To Know Regarding Snake Venom Cream

In the past, wrinkles and fine lines were an unstoppable part of the ageing process. Today, in contrast, there are a multitude of products available which claim the power to erase those bothersome fine lines. Many of these products, such as retinol cream and Botox, are widely familiar and both can treat wrinkles with some success, though each also has drawbacks. Just recently, a new product has been introduced to the market, snake venom cream, which proclaims to work better than Botox. This essay will discuss how wrinkles are caused, and how they can be treated by this new product.

The causes of wrinkles and fine lines are many. For example, as we get older, our skin becomes thinner and drier. Furthermore, the division of skin cells slows down, meaning that everyday damage to the skin is harder for your body to repair. Increasing age also means a decrease in skin elasticity because your body doesn’t produce as much collagen. Beyond these problems, the underlying muscle tissue in your face also plays a role in wrinkle formation as muscles pull on the skin. Over time this can also create wrinkles.

Retinol creams are generally used to treat fine lines caused by the slower turnover of skin cells. Retinol treatments contain alpha-hydroxy acids, which work to gently eat away dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. The loss of the dead skin triggers your body to produce new skin cells, leading to higher cell creation and creating a more youthful appearance.

Botox works through targeting facial muscles and temporarily paralyzing them. Derived from the same bacteria toxin that causes botulism, Botox is injected into the face, particularly into the forehead, resulting in the paralysis of facial muscles and smoothing of the skin. Unfortunately, the overzealous application of Botox can also freeze the face, making it difficult for you to make normal facial expressions.

These new snake creams work similarly to Botox. Certain classes of snake venom work through blocking neurotransmitters, thus keeping transmissions from the brain from reaching the muscles. In nature, this causes the paralysis and death of whatever the snake bites.

Cosmetic companies invented a process through which chemicals from snake venom can be synthesized. This fake venom retains some of the properties of natural venom, in particular the ability to block neurotransmitters, but is safe to use because it is much weaker than the real thing.

When face cream containing the synthesized venom is applied every day, the chemicals seep into the skin and partially paralyze facial muscles. As such, skin appears smoother and wrinkle free, but because the synthetic venom is weak, muscles retain some functionality and people can still move their faces. Studies show that the daily use of snake venom cream for at least 4 weeks lead to a 52 percent decrease in wrinkle appearance and that 82 percent of study subjects felt that their skin appeared younger and smoother.

Though this product was realized for the first time a few years ago, its high price discouraged many shoppers from giving it a try. Prices have come down recently, making these creams competitive with retinol and other creams and less expensive than Botox. So, if you are looking for a new product to try, this may be for you.

If you need to find a cure to wrinkles, you need to consider snake venom cream. This finest cream can make wrinkles disappear and make that face wrinkle free and smooth. Visit the Uber Article Directory to get a totally unique version of this article for reprint.