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What You Should Consider When Selecting Bathroom Lighting

There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to choosing bathroom lighting. The choices lie between severe lighting, such as spotlights and soft lighting, such as back lighting. As ever, lighting is really the most important factor when trying to create atmosphere. Functionality is equally important. For instance, you will need a strong light for shaving, but most people would prefer a soft light when relaxing in the bath.

The over-riding issue has to be safety. Some light fitting are just not capable of resisting moisture – they just were not produced with water in mind. Some countries have by-laws in place about the fittings you may use in your bathroom. For example, in the UK, an electrician may only fit pull-cord switches in bathrooms. You can fit whatever you like, but a professional cannot. It could be a good idea to follow suit.

No matter what style of bathroom you decide to adopt, there are plenty of safe fittings to fulfill your needs. There are several considerations that you ought to bear in mind, when picking a bathroom style. For example, some styles, such as a boudoir style bathroom, require soft lighting. however, this will not suit someone with impaired vision. A bathroom is necessarily wet and that can be a hazard, if you cannot see well.

You could find the middle ground if you are in a family and have strong lighting for when it is needed, but you could have wall sconces holding candles for when you want to relax.

Having said that, even spotlights come in different types. There are narrow, wide and very wide beam spotlights and you can also swap the bulbs so that they just glow.

Never forget natural lighting. It is magnificent to have a long hot bath with the sun pouring in through an open window or skylight, if you cannot be overlooked. If a skylight is not an choice, then you might like to think about some kind of chandelier. Chandeliers look great in a bathroom, whether you prefer a candle chandelier of an electric one with flickering light bulbs.

There are many shops and department stores that have specialized sections on interior lighting and you ought to visit a few of these places to get a few ideas before you buy anything. While you are there it is worth picking up brochures from various manufacturers so that you can study them at home.

Having mentioned studying at home, have a look on the best research facility that mankind has ever had – the Internet. There are practically limitless choices, suggestions and thoughts about bathroom remodelling and lighting online. . Two last pieces of advice though. The first is to always bear in mind the size of your bathroom. Some styles would look fairly silly in a tiny bathroom, whereas others would look strange in a large room. The second is to employ a professional for the dangerous bits, if you have any doubt about your capabilities. Here, I am specifically referring to electrics, but maybe plumbing too.

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