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What To Inspect On The Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions Before Buying Them

One type of hair extensions is the pre-bonded hair extensions and they are used for integrating into normal hair. These extensions similar to others get attached to the hair on one’s scalp. The most noticeable difference with these extensions is that their types are glued for attachment.

Same with other extensions, they are originally used to conceal hair thinning or hair loss. Today though, they had surpassed that primary function as in addition to that, they are also now used to style hair. Not to mention, they get that done fast and easy enough that you don’t have to sit and wait in salons anymore just get your hair fixed.

Pre-bonded hair extensions can come in natural-human to synthetic hair in various lengths and choices of color. This gives you many options to select from and whichever hair type you have, you should be able to find an extension to fit your needs.

But not every one of the pre-bonded hair extensions will be best for you. To be certain that you have gotten the best one for you, you will need to understand how to inspect the extensions you want to buy. Inspect the following about the extensions:

Texture means what style hair the extension is that you are going to be purchasing. It goes from straight all the way to curly. Normally the degree of curliness or straightness for the extensions varies between brands. The extensions can be classified as Asian straight hair, European straight hair, spiral curls, deep wave, and natural soft-looking curls. There are infinite possibilities.

Quality – This refers to the type of hair used to make the extension. It could either be virgin hair or remy hair. “Virgin hair” means that it has not coloured or altered in any way while “remy hair” is the word used to refer when all hair used is of human and that strands are organised with all the roots in one end.

Colour – There are so many extension colours there is, probably even more than the natural hair colours. There are blonde, black, brown hair extensions. There are also those in blue and pink for those who are more daring.

Pricing will vary on extensions due to which kind of hair they are made from. The synthetically-based extensions usually are priced lower than the extensions made from human hair. For those that are on a budget the synthetic could be the choice for them.

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