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What To Do With Breast Stretch Marks

When women are pregnant, they start to experience growth in various parts of their body as their baby grows inside. This includes their abdomens and their breasts. It is therefore not a surprise that they should experience the formation of stretch marks in those areas as well. In fact, abdomen and breast stretch marks are the most common kind in women during their puberty stage and even more so if they are pregnant.

What Stretch Marks Are – Some people dismiss stretch marks thinking that they will just go away if they lose weight or even pack a few more pounds. But the reality is that stretch marks are a form of scarring in the dermis area of the skin. This is just beneath the surface of the skin so stretch marks cannot be easily wiped away either.

Why It Develops – Stretch marks usually occur when there is stunted growth followed by the stretching of skin. The dermis usually cannot take the pressure from the growth and therefore it tears. This tearing, of course, cannot be felt physically. However, we can see these tears if we look closely at our skin. They look like red or purplish areas where there has been active growth. The most active places include the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and for women around the breasts area.

The Trouble With Stretch Marks – Although stretch marks are not an immediate medical concern, they are very unflattering. This is especially true for women who wearing skimpy clothing or swimsuits when they are swimming at the beach or in a pool. Stretch marks are just blemishes that are not inviting to look at.

The other problem is that if a stretch mark is not treated or tended to at an early time, it can actually stay there for the rest of a person’s life. This is the main reason that people would rather do away with stretch marks and with simple procedures, this is possible. When it comes to breast stretch marks, women have two options. They can get rid of the stretch marks naturally by starting a healthy exercise routine and making sure they stay religious to it.

Surgery – The other way is to get plastic surgery. Many breast augmentation techniques can be used to get rid of stretch marks around the breast area. Laser treatment surgery can also be used but may not be very comfortable because a laser actually strips away layers of a stretch mark. In its place is another more physical scar like a scratch that can be left to heal. Although effective, laser treatment is not advisable for the breast area.

Water Therapy – For women who are just starting to form stretch marks in the breast area, they can make sure that they have a rich liquid diet (8 to 10 glasses a day). Another option is to use harmless medicated creams, such as those found in drugstores. These creams can be massaged onto the breast on a regular basis to get rid of breast stretch marks that have just formed. Women should also inspect the stretch mark areas to see if new ones start to appear as their breasts grow in the pregnancy stage.

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