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What Makes Circuit Training Workouts So Effective?

If you want rapid fat loss, circuit training workouts are for you. The concept of circuit training is simple. Move through a sequence of 3-6 exercises. Do one set of each exercise then move on to the next one. Sets should last for 30-60 seconds with a rest time between sets of 10-60 seconds. Of course, your level of fitness will determine how long you work and rest.

Keeping fat loss in mind, structure your routine to target at least 3-5 muscle groups. You will be best served using exercises that engage at least 2-3 muscle groups at once. I could give you lots of reasons why circuit training workouts should be a part of your routine. Here are just a few:

1. You will engage more muscle in less time. Circuit training allows you to shift your focus to different muscle groups. Therefore, when one is fatigued and in need of recovery, you can work another. Instead of spending time on rest, you spend it working. This is working hard and working smart.

2. It is also a form of anaerobic cardio. There is a lot of disagreement on how necessary cardio is for shedding fat. The fact is, cardio is a requirement of an effective program. However, it should be anaerobic (not aerobic) cardio. By using up the oxygen stores within the muscles, circuit training workouts accomplish this.

3. Big muscle groups can be worked more frequently. You definitely want this benefit because the big muscle groups burn lots of calories, and kicks your metabolism into overdrive. However, they also require more recovery when overloaded. Circuit training workouts allow you to avoid overloading the big muscles, so recovery is quicker.

Keep mind that even with circuit training, you still must have a good workout plan. A poor routine will yield poor results. Sweating, an elevated heart rate, and being slightly winded are all signs that you are on the right track.

Adding circuit training workouts to your routine can make all the difference in the world. Free workout plans on Vaughn’s site can get you up and running.