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What Is Going On With Aging Research

Aging research is a very popular topic for study and much of the research that goes on in medicine is in some way linked to gaining. The life expectancy has greatly increased due to advances in medicine and the understanding of human health. There is a lot of investigation into specific aging diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s as well as stopping the signs of gaining.

There are many diseases and health issues that occur as an individual ages. Some of the research looks into health issues and other industries also look into aging and gaining research to stop the signs of gaining. This is specifically the cosmetic agency. Many individuals look for ways to stop aging as this provides a greater work force.

One of the big areas of research in aging deals with Alzheimer’s. This disease is specifically linked to gaining and there are many agencies that work specifically on Alzheimer’s research. The ACT-AD is one such coalition that is comprised of national organizations that are looking to fast track a cure or successful treatment for Alzheimer’s.

Oxidation and understanding how and where it happens in the body as oxidation increases as you age. Oxidation occurs by free radicals that form in the skin and many aging signs in the skin are directly linked to oxidation.

This oxidation creates instability in the body. A lot of the current research focuses on how this oxidation occurs and ways in which to reverse to stop oxidation from happening. The cosmetics industry has put a lot of time and money into oxidation and free radical formation.

Another area of research is in weight and how your weight when you are younger an affect you as you age. Being obese or overweight when you are young has been linked to developing heart disease or diabetes when you are older. Also being a healthy weight has been linked to staying active when you are older as it is much easier to be mobile.

The effect of breaking bones when you age will also affect your health and lifespan as those that break a bone, specifically the hip, will have a higher mortality rate. Much of the current research is focused on understanding why these accidents or falls occur and how it can be avoided or finding successful treatment after the bone has mended. Many diseases and dementia are linked to breaking bones and there is a huge emphasis on studying brain functions as you age.

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