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What Is An Anti-aging Serum And Which One Is The Best

In the constant fighting against the aging of our skin we have many products to choose from. Anti-aging skin cream, skin lotion and now the new rage: anti-aging serums. What is the difference between anti-aging cream and serum and how can a serum help with the reduction of wrinkles?

Anti-aging serum

A serum tends to be a thick liquid that is usually clear. It has a thinner consistency than ordinary cream and often has a special purpose. It is water based and lightweight, which makes it easy for the skin to absorb and suitable for all skin types. It usually contains proven active anti-aging ingredients like retinol, vitamin c, alpha hydroxy acids, antioxidants and peptides that can boost collagen production or reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A cream tends to have moisturizing as its main purpose and general has fewer active ingredients. A serum is generally more expansive than an ordinary cream.

How to use if effectively

A serum can be your best bet against reducing the signs of aging. You can choose a serum specifically for your needs with the active ingredients that your skin needs. They are usually more effective that other creams as they have a higher concentration of active ingredients with one specific goal. As sun is one of the most damaging factors contributing to skin aging, it is recommended that you wear your anti-aging serum under a high quality sunblock.

How effective are these serums?

Customer feedback and clinical trial data results have been very positive. Of course not all anti-aging serums are the same and you need to select the good ones. Improvements can be seen in wrinkle reduction, skin tone and skin brightness.

Some of the best anti-aging serums

The best serum depends on your skin type and specific requirements. Do some research on the action of the specific ingredients of a serum you are considering. You can also visit some of the top online stores or read reviews from other users which will give you an informed opinion on which anti-aging serum to choose. My own website can be of help in this.

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