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What Is Allocated Gold And Why It’s A Good Thing?

Everyone wants his personal property to remain his own and there should be no interference in the matters of his private assets. This has always been the thinking of mankind. Same is the case with allocated gold.

By allocated gold, we mean that we give our gold property to the banks to be kept in the vault, and the banks will have no interference in it. In other words, if the bank is going bankrupt or if the bank needs to figure out profits, they cannot sell our gold and it remains the way it was. The allocated gold does not have any form of reassigning of ownership. The gold remains ours and whenever we need it, we can request the bank for it.

Allocated bullion is a form of gold which actually stays alive and can be located as it occupies specific points in the time and space range. For many reasons this is the most ideal type of gold which can be verified as actually existing, all in all it is more than just gold. Any one who purchases allocated bullion is no doubt purchasing real bars of gold.

For the storage of allocated gold, investors are bound to pay for the services. Physical security of bullion bars require strong vaults along with modern use of technology, which has to be uniquely constructed for security, monitoring and control of other factors. One has to definitely pay the institution which offers storage facility for allocated gold. In fact, for establishing the custodial nature of the relationship payment of charges is highly essential. Courts agree to receive the fee of the custodian, as it is genuine evidence of a custodial relationship and this amount is never deposited into an account.

As opposed to unallocated gold, allocated gold exists physically in the vault and can be taken into possession by the owner at any point in time. In case of allocated gold, one buys gold bullion, which means that one is in possession of gold bars that can be sold at anytime to get a greater return if needed.

Many traders prefer to trade in allocated gold bullion. In the present economic situation and after the recent economic meltdown, people’s preference has moved towards allocated gold because unallocated gold is something that is not considered a very safe bet. This is because unallocated gold is actually a promise of buying or selling gold. This makes it a futures contract.

Even then, people go for it. They pay hefty amounts of money for their gold to be transported. Hence, the unallocated system is a bit successful too. One problem that unallocated gold carries with it is that your gold is brought in use of the bank. And, bank robberies have been a regular part of olden times, so now the banks cannot be really trusted upon handling your gold efficiently.

The best thing about allocated gold is that it is not traded on behalf of the bank and is also not lent to third parties. There is also the fact that if the bank becomes insolvent, the gold remains to be the asset of the owner and it does not go to the creditor as happens in the case of unallocated gold. These are some of the main reasons because of which the benefits of allocated gold outweigh those of unallocated gold.

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