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What Can Change Texas Energy Increases?

Texas electricity rates are influenced by many factors.Unlike many other western states, Texas does not have a lot of hydro-electric power so it has to plan to find electricity from another source.

When it gets hot in Texas, it gets extremely hot so you can imagine what millions of its residents turn to, air conditioning.

When energy demands are high the Texas energy grid relies on natural gas powered generators to make up the difference, and that can be costly if natural gas rates are already high. When the use of air conditioners adds a higher than normal demand to the grid, the backup generators used to make up the difference are powered by natural gas.

As one expects, the energy rates can be dramatically influenced by the natural gas used to produce the extra power. As with so many other industries, the added costs are simply passed on to the end consumer.

With many more people than other states, Texas has the increased difficulty of finding a way to provide power for the largest grid, with many more users than almost all other states. As you could imagine, a larger grid requires more hardware and other materials, increasing costs as well.

When you factor in those things, you can see that Texas electricity rates are affected by a complicated network of issues that are not too common. The citizens of Texas are speaking loudly in an urgent attempt to find a resolution for the difficulties, but solar power in a sunny state is going to ultimately be the answer.

As technology advances and Texans, and many other residents, have access economically and physically to control their own utility costs, or at least influence them, we will see dramatic changes sweep the entire energy industry. These changes will bring about excellent ecological impacts and make energy a green option for us all.

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