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What Are The Water Resistant Watches?

This is a type of watch is a timepiece that can be exposed to wet environments without being affected if the water intrudes in the inner mechanism. There are different types of water resistant watches that can be used for different underwater activities.

If you have a watch that is marked as being water resistant it doesn’t mean that you can scuba dive for hours without it being affected. A water resistant watch is tested in water at lower pressure for a long period of time and in water at a high pressure for a shorter period of time.

When a watch is marked 50m it actually means that is can be worn when taking a shower, cleaning the dishes or washing your hands. If a watch is marked 100m water resistance it actually means that you can wear it while taking a swim. But not deeper than 50m.

The watches that are marked with 200m can be safely worn by beginner scuba divers. You should read carefully the international standards for water resistant watches. Because there are watches that are marked water resistant while others are just marked as diving watches.

Watches that are marked with 1000m also exist but they are extremely rare. If you are curious and you want to test the water resistance of this watch, then you should not do any further than 500m. Even at this depth the water pressure is very big and it is slowly killing you.

The water resistant watches are stronger than a usual watch but this doesn’t mean that one should treat them roughly. So make sure that you don’t bang you’re your watch while you are in the water or submit it to different depths at a fast pace. These types of watches are a great invention and can be very useful all you have to do is take good care or them.

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