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What are the Different Styles and Sizes of Cigars?

Anyone who has ever seen a humidor standing open, like a vast treasure vault, knows that cigars come in many different styles and sizes. Unlike many other things in life, both of these factors will have a singular effect on your enjoyment. For instance, the style and size of the cigar you choose will affect the taste of the cigar, the harshness of the smoke and even the temperature of the smoke you draw in from the cigar. Knowing a bit about the different cigar styles and sizes will help you know which you want to put your lighter to for your enjoyment.

Variations in Style

Cylindrical – The cylindrical tube is the most common cigar style. These allow even airflow through the cigar’s body and are, coincidentally, the easiest to make. Normally, the cap on this type of cigar is rounded. This is a very common style offered by most cigar manufacturers

Torpedo – The second type of cigar style is the torpedo. These are less common than cylindrical cigars, but provide a more focused airflow through the body, thanks to the tapered end. The torpedo shape features a funnel end, usually placed at the head (the cap), though some manufacturers place it at the foot, (the lit end).

Size Variations

When you apply torch lighters to cigars, you need to know how size affects your enjoyment. The size of the cigar you choose will influence many different factors about your smoke.

Length – Longer cigars are usually preferable, simply because they provide a much cooler smoke and greater enjoyment. They are also usually smoother tasting and lack the harshness associated with shorter cigars.

Diameter – The ring gauge or diameter of your cigar also plays a crucial role. The more thin a cigar is, the more harsh the smoke will be and the faster the cigar will burn. Alternately, a wide cigar will burn slower and the smoke will generally be smoother.

Remember, also, before you contemplate using your lighter to set your cigar smoldering, longer, fatter cigars are often the most expensive. This is because it takes longer leaves and more of them to create the cigar. In essence, you’re paying more because you’re getting more.

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