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Wedding Videos Tips For The Beginner

If you are inexperienced in shooting wedding videos then you have to put in a lot of practice before you shoot the dream day for the couple. You do not want the only video of this once in a lifetime moment to be ruined. Practice, practice and even more practice is necessary to make the best possible video of the couples happy day. Use the panning feature to get used to how it moves and be sure you keep the camera from shaking.

Go to the venues were the ceremony as well as the reception are to be held. Look for areas you will be able to video the important points throughout the day. This is a day they both have looked forward to.

Never video around any type of machines or other equipment which makes noises in the background. These sounds can distort a video so bad it cannot be repaired and can ruin the special moments. Follow the groom and the bride around and video their special moments throughout the day from start to finish. Main shots like the bride as she starts moving toward her groom down the aisle moments that just have to captured.

Video should also be taken of everyone together in the wedding party with the bride and the groom for remembrance sake. If there is a unity candle ceremony involved be sure and tape that in its entirety as well.

You will also want to get a close up of the couples first kiss at the altar. When you are at the reception the first dance as husband and wife should be caught and any other special dances as well.

The cutting of and the feeding each other wedding cake is a long held tradition and should always be captured as the bride and grooms toast should be too. Bouquet catching is a prime shot too.

Ask close family and friends to make a statement or comment to the happy couple on this most special of days. They can look back on these in the future with fondness and love.

Ask the bride if she wants any type of special effects added to her video. These can be things such as music in some of the videos back ground, color changes like black and white, sepia etc.

If all of your filming is to be done inside then you may have to invest in equipment for lighting to keep the shots accurately lit and exposure at its best throughout the entire taping.

You can even have the groom wear a small tie clip microphone to really pick up everything the loving couple say during the ceremony. Some brides even want video taken of the process of getting ready before the wedding of her and the groom.

For best results put together a compiled lists of special video request the bride and the groom have for family members and friends they want incorporated into the Toronto wedding videos.

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