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Ways To Take Care Of Your Watch

The watch has become a symbol of culture, wealth and style. Whether you like practical watches or more complicated and glamorous timepieces you should learn how to take care of the precious item.

Make sure you find out whether the watch you own is water resistant or not. Taking a swim in the ocean before closely reading the water resistance rating would be a silly thing to do.

Try not to expose your timepiece to a fast change in temperature. To be more exact, try not to wear the watch while in the sauna. And even if you have a water proof watch, don’t plunge in a cool pool with it. But if you forgot about it, simply open it and leave it to dry. But bear in mind, if the case has been opened the water resistant guarantee doesn’t apply anymore.

Try not to knock your watch because bumps can damage the internal workings or you can simply scratch the glass. If you are a sports fan, you could buy a special watch designed for sport activities.

If you are accustomed in wearing perfumes and moisturizers in the same place that you wear your watch you should know that the internal part could corrode. This happens because of the cosmetics used.

Check your straps and braces on a regular basis to see if they are not too loose or too worn. If you see that they are a simple trip to the jewelers can help you take care of the problem.

When you see that it is necessary, try to clean your watch. If you have a water resistant timepiece then you can clean it with some warm water and soap. If your watch is not water resistant you can use a soft cloth.

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