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Ways to help a Dance Recital Run Smoother

A dance recital is an exciting time for a young dancer. It’s a time for her to shine and showcase her talent, with dance routines she’s been learning and practicing for months. You may not have control over her actual performance, but there are some things you can do to help the recital go smoothly.

Plan ahead. Start planning for the recital a week or two before the actual performance. Make a list of everything you may need, such as special dance shoes, tights, costumes and accessories.

Make sure your child is rested. Recitals are tiring enough without the lack of sleep. Having your daughter sleep a little more the week of the recital will go a long way in helping her on the big day.

Keep up the energy Level. Recitals are tiring, so make certain she has plenty of water or Gatorade to help her get through the day. Pack some healthy snacks that will keep her energy level, and pack some for yourself too.

Arrive to the Performance on time. Make arrangements to be at the recital early so that you will have time to get her ready. She will thank you later for the extra time in the dressing room before the performance, and the extra time to calm her nerves.

Label everything you bring with you. There will be a lot of dance students going in and out of the dressing rooms, and many of them will be wearing the same size costumes or shoes as your daughter. Properly label all your items so there’s no risk that something will be misplaced or taken on accident.

Bring Entertainment. Recitals can have long stretches in between dance numbers. Bring a few quiet games, such as a deck of cards, to help pass the time during the more boring parts of the event.

Breathe. Keep in mind that recitals usually only occur once or twice a year. Try to remember to breathe and relax as you watch your child perform so you can enjoy seeing them up on stage.

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