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Watch Love Happens Online Free

Lovers of romantic comedies get ready because you’ll love the movie Love Happens, starring Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston. This is the perfect “date movie,” a tender romantic story with nothing in it to offend.

A great evening in would be if you watch Love Happens online with a big bowl of popcorn or take-away pizza. It’s also a good flick for a night in with friends. In Love Happens, Aaron Eckhart plays a motivational speaker with a best selling self-help book who teaches a seminar at the hotel in which Aniston’s character owns a florist’s shop.

She is rather a mess of insecurities and has sworn off men altogether, until she meets Eckhart’s seemingly wise self-help guru and is intrigued by him. Alas, he has his own problems.

You’ll discover that he is an even bigger mass of insecurities than she is when you watch Love Happens online. In other words, the self help guru needs the help of an ordinary (if one can call someone as visually appealing as Aniston “ordinary”) woman to realize and finally work on his own problems – problems that he successfully helps others overcome with his book.

We see Eckhart’s character walk across hot coals barefooted, which leads us, his seminar audience, and Aniston’s character with the impression that he is the epitome of confidence. We soon find out, however, that this Greek godlike creature actually does have feet of clay so to speak.

The movie takes place in Seattle and was filmed in Seattle and Vancouver, so the look of the film is slightly bohemian chic, as Aniston wears a succession of perfectly hip outfits that might not go over in New York, but are perfect for the Pacific northwest. You could even watch Love Happens online with the sound off so as to concentrate on all the great ideas for perfecting the kind of bohemian style that Aniston pulls off so well here.

There’s no problem with watching the handsome Eckhart – him with the lantern jaw and dimpled chin – as he wears a series of sartorially perfect creations, either. So if it is a slow Friday or Saturday night and it’s raining and cold and you simply want to stay in and entertain your brain without having to make too much of a mental investment, you should watch Love Happens online and believe in fairy tales for a couple of stress-free hours.

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