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Watch Crystal Facts

The watch crystal is the glass that covers the face of the watch. The three types of watch crystals are: plexi -glass, mineral glass and sapphire glass.

The cheapest version of crystal from the three is the plexi-glass. This is actually a transparent and lightweight plastic. The mineral glass is actually the ordinary glass used for windows. And the synthetic sapphire is the most sought after type of glass and it is also the most expensive. It is made by crystallizing aluminum at very high temperatures. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of crystals. Even if it is the cheapest version, the plexi-glass it is the most likely to scratch or even shatter. The mineral glass is very fragile and can break easily. The little pieces of glass can seriously affect the interior mechanism. The most resistant of them all is the sapphire glass and which doesn’t scratch easily.

There are many French words that are used to describe watch crystals. The world “lunette” for example is used for the watch glasses that are round. Other words like bombe, cheve and boule mean that the crystal is concave or dome-shaped.

When you are out shopping for a watch, you can come across characteristics such as anti-reflective or glare-resistant. This actually refers to the way a glass watch has been coated. Watchmakers can use a special substance to coat the faces of the crystal. This substance makes it easier to read the time because it lessens the reflections and the stare. The type of crystal used can either be a mineral glass or a synthetic sapphire. If the glass watch breaks, is it obvious that the most expensive to replace will be the synthetic sapphire.

There are many things that one has to take into account when buying a watch. These are just some of the factors that one should look at before making a purchase. A watch is an accessory that makes a statement so be careful what you choose.

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