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Vitamins For Haircare

We all experience hair problems at one stage or another in life. It is very important that all of us take healthy diet to keep ourselves healthy. There are different nutrients in food that are essential for the growth and health of one part of the body or another. Similarly, there are many nutrients that we must include in our daily diet, which will make our hair healthy. These are very essential for the growth and health of hair, lack of which may lead to damaged hair or even hair loss.

These nutrients may include iron, calcium, proteins, sodium and vitamins. There are many vitamins that are beneficial, rather necessary, for beautiful hair. If you are interested in knowing about the different vitamins, which we must include in our daily intake then you must continue reading this article. I will give you an overview of different vitamins and their benefits for hair care.

To start with, Vitamin B plays a very important role if you want to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. There is a vast sub-category of Vitamin B, which are beneficial for different things. Niacin (Vitamin B-3) is very useful to keep your scalp healthy as it increases blood circulation.

If you want to reduce hair fall or re-grow you hair then panthenol (Vitamin B-5) is very helpful. Biotin prevents premature greying of hair as well as hair loss. Vitamins B-6 and B-12 are also very useful for healthy hair. Foods such as whole grains, fresh fruit, brewer yeast, eggs, fish, turkey, meat and milk are rich in B Vitamins.

Artificial sources include supplements and vitamin B complexes in form of capsules. All these vitamins are water soluble and cannot be retained within body for longer time. Thus, the efficient growth of hair requires the consistent intake of particular dose or quantity of vitamins.

Vitamin A is also very useful for healthy hair. The only problem with this is that you must not over-do its level in the body, because your body does not break it down like it does to Vitamin B. The foods rich in Vitamin A include red, yellow, and orange vegetables, green leafy vegetables, liver and eggs.

Hair fall is the most embarrassing and traumatic problem. The specialist always refers vitamin C to avoid rapid hair fall. It locks the hair in its root. Vitamin C actually increases the flow of blood towards the scalp. The capillaries efficiently carry blood to the follicles. When the root of the hair is properly supplied with the essential nutrition, it firmly holds the hair, locked in its root. Thus, vitamin C is crucial for the strength of hair. It also gives smoothness and shine to the dead dry hairs. The natural sources include citrus fruits, kiwis, strawberries, pineapples, and tomatoes.

Apart from the natural sources, the vitamin essential for the healthy growth of hair come in the form of pills, supplements and hair care formulas. All these forms play an important role in fulfilling the dream of having thick, strong, glowing and lively hair.

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