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Our Skin Is An Important Organ That Serves Several Bodily Functions

Did you know that your skin is regarded as one of the organs in our body? Among them, it’s certainly the biggest one as a matter of fact. We tend to think of it as an outer shell which is true but it is so much more than that. Our skin carries various duties that can jeopardize our body’s well being if left undone.

It would take an entire book to specify all of these functions though so instead this article will tackle its three major functions.

One is the obvious fact that our skin shields our bodies from the outside environment. The skin carries out this task by maintaining a new sheet of dead skin cells to shield us from all the possible damages you may incur in everyday life. This function and its importance are very much apparent especially during injuries.

With regards to injuries, this takes us to its second major function which revolves around its natural ability to heal itself. The process is extremely sophisticated but would basically involve white blood cells rushing towards the injury to reduce the chances of bacteria and other harmful element from infecting it. This is then accompanied by growth substances that induce the healing process. Notice that whenever you have wounds in your body, it is surrounded by red marks? It is proof of your skin doing this marvelous work.

Lastly, our skin is also a critical component for our body’s means to control its temperature. Just like an engine which can overheat without its cooling system, the very same thing can be said about our bodies. Our body’s ability to sweat through our skin is a key player in making that possible in response to relatively high temperature.

Evidently, your skin is not something that you can just take lightly. The consequences for doing so can lead to acne and other skin conditions.

Acne in specific details is one of the most common skin problems especially among teens. It is known to be caused by the presence of too much oil and dirt on your face which ends up blocking the hair follicles thereby causing the infection. Taking care of it is a relatively simple matter which can be done by washing your face with warm water frequently.

Given the all the things that your skin has been doing for you, it is only fitting that you take good care of it.

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