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Valuable Price Of San Diego Golf Courses

Golf is a popular sport and pastime for many people. Both men and women, young and old enjoy playing this game. There is nothing better than going outside on a nice day and playing 18 holes of golf. The green grass and fresh air while riding on a golf cart can be very relaxing. The experience could only be heightened if you are on a San Diego golf course.

The San Diego climate is perfect for the game of golf. There is not very much humidity, nor does it get very hot. The average temperature is around 75 degrees. The city does not get very much rain at all either, the average of 10 inches of rain a month. The combination of all of these conditions makes it great for those who enjoy the game. Because of this there are many golf courses located in San Diego.

The Riverwalk Course has been a favorite of many golfers. It boasts bent grass so it will not be damaged by golfers. A waterfall makes this course very visually appealing. The design of the course came from the mind of Ted Robinson Sr, a respected course creator. Tourists that enjoy the game will find great convenience with this course because it is so close to the airport.

Golfers like to go to the Rancho Bernardo Inn. Despite being open to the general public, this course also has PGA and LPGA events. Golfers can get help from PGA golfers to help improve their game. For those who run out of golf tees, there is full golf shop housed on the property. Next to the course, there is one of the best Mexican restaurants in the city.

There is another great course at Temecula Creek Inn. It offers golfers a unique 27 championship hole course. It is also located in the wine country of Southern California. It boasts a great view of the hills and other remarkable scenery. The course also has dramatic elevation changes which could add to the challenge of this course. The course was given four stars recently by Golf Digest as one of the best course on which to play.

The Sycuan Golf Resort has been voted number one by the San Diego Union Tribune. Four hundred and twenty five acres of green is given to golfers to help them improve their abilities. USGA, SCGA, PGA and LPGA tournaments have been a part of the history of this course and are likely to continue. This course is convenient because of its mere 25 miles from the downtown area. For those not interested in a long game of a golf, a 18 hole course is also available.

Maderas Golf Club is definitely the most unique course. It offers rock ledges, forests, waterfalls that no other course can offer in the San Diego area. Retired PGA golf great johnny Miller created this course. Using the natural landscape is one of the genius designs related to this course. Golfers will certainly get challenged when they take part in a tournament at this course.

Those who love the game should take a trip to a San Diego golf course because of the great variety in courses. Many amateur and professional golfers have found great amusement at the challenging courses offered. Most of the courses in this city have received some sort of award. There are lots of restaurants and hotels to accommodate the golfers while they enjoy a few rounds.

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