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Types Of Contact Lenses (Coloured)

Contact lenses have become very popular. They are not just replacements for eyeglasses anymore; they are a fashion statement. There are many types of contact lenses. From the traditional to the more daring and exiting fashions.

In the United States, a manufacturer of these lenses is Ciba Vision. The lines of lenses are known as Freshlook Colours, Freshlook Dimensions, Freshlooks Colorblends, and Wild Eyes. Johnson & Johnson also manufactures them in the USA. These two manufacturers are reputable and will not use cheap materials that may damage your eyes. Coloured contact lenses have become very popular. The basic colors are green, blue, hazel, grey, honey, turquoise, and amethyst. There are other variations of these colors.

Another company that supplies an array of contact lenses is the Coloured Contact Lens Company. The company is located in the UK. They have many designs and styles.

They offer two types of Coloured contact lenses – Eye changers and Eye catchers. They also offer a collection of eyelashes. The eye changers cosmetic lenses give you a natural look by blending with your natural eye color to give you a more credible and natural look. They come in subtle colors such as green, brown, and grey, and in different tonalities for light or dark eyes. For light eyes, they have three tone lenses in blue and lavender colors. For dark eyes, they offer three tone lenses in True sapphire, turquoise, amethyst, Hazel, Pure Hazel, and Honey. The company also offers a line of single tone lenses for all color eyes. The colors on this line are Turquoise, blue, dark blue, violet, green, hazel, grey, and black. The tonality is what makes the difference in the color and your natural eye color since they blend with your eye color as well.

The Eye Catchers line will appear to the most adventurous as it features crazy and wild designs suited to party and unique looks. These fun designs will get you noticed for sure. In this line, you will find these designs – Star, Snowflake, Cat’s eye (yellow), Cat’s eye (red), Cat’s eye (white), Zombie, Spiral, Flower, Yellow panther, Aqua panther, Flame, Bullet, and Manson.

They also have a line of UV reactive lenses that will glow under UV lights, such as the lights in dancing clubs. The colors are UV blue, UV green, UV Pink, UV orange, and UV violet. Another line is Block colours; they come in red, black, and white.

These lenses are soft and safe to wear; they are manufactured with high quality materials and at high standards levels.

There are many manufacturers of these lenses, as well as suppliers, you should buy the ones made from reputable manufacturers to ensure that you are buying quality lenses that will not damage your vision.

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