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Turn Your Ordinary Look Into Something Extraordinary

When you’re going to classes, what do you have on? A pair of denims, a t-shirt or even a cute top, flats or rubber shoes, might be among your first selection of clothes to wear. What about when you’re off to a special occasion like a party or a wedding? Some of you might wear the first dress that you see in your closet, or any suit ensemble you see. That may be well and fine if you want to keep things simple, but don’t you think that may be a little bit too uninteresting already?

Most people have the most basic of all kinds of clothes stored in their lockers. If you’re the kind of person who just throws in whatever they feel like wearing, then you’d better think hard. It is not bad to keep things that are simple and not too flashy. But it would be better to bring in a little spice to your basic wardrobe. Magazines and reviews like smoketip reviews will be able to help you with your style crisis. Read on below to know how you can turn that simple outfit of yours into something different and fun.

For men, using cufflinks in your suit can make a black and boring penguin suit into one sophisticated wardrobe. Cufflinks are widely used to hold both sides of the cuff but in some cases, they can be fashion accessories. These come in different shapes, styles and colors so they can really make your suit a bit more exciting.

Next up are the girls. Probably the most relaxed group of clothes you can wear out during the day is a nice pair of jeans, a blouse or any top and a pair of flats or sandals. And that is it! Don’t you feel that’s too boring and recurring if you wear that sort of style on a daily basis? Ladies, listen up. Even the simplest accessory like a necklace, chandelier earrings or bangles can add spice to that comfortable yet plain outfit. Making use of a wide belt on your waist, a shawl or scarf around your neck can make you stand out from a crown.

If you find these accessories or great add-ons a bit higher than your budget, you can go to thrift stores, stores that are out on sale or use your coupons like smoketip coupons. Make use of your imagination to be able to make your plain and boring look into something that’s stylish and fun.

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