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Trend Setting Mineral Makeup

For the past decade, the use of mineral makeup has become a trend that everyone follows. Because it is made of organic materials, more and more women have chosen to use them. In the 70’s, the use of mineral makeup in foundation was already introduced. But when the 90’s came, it the use of such products became known because of the environmental and health issues that entails with its use. Mineral makeup was only then available in high-end cosmetic shops and boutiques when it first came out. But because it has become more and more popular in the society, distribution of these products went as far as supermarkets and online shopping websites.

Mineral makeup then was only comprised of about 4 to 5 organic ingredients. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide were among the popular elements used in its composition. The use of zinc oxide on the skin is knows for its curing effect in wounds and can also be used as a remedy for blemishes. Zinc oxide can also be used as a sunscreen in combination with cosmetic products because it also provides protection against the sun’s rays. On the other hand, titanium dioxide is regularly used in sunblock products because it can refract against ultraviolet rays.

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are two basic ingredients that mineral makeup should have. There have been ideas created by people regarding mineral makeup. There is the first generation which uses the 4 or 5 natural makeup components whereas the second generation is ‘traditional’ makeup just added with a touch of mineral component. Traditional makeup or the second generation (mineral added makeup) usually contains harsh chemical products and dyes that can possibly ruin or alter the natural flora of the skin. On the other hand, users of the first generation makeup or those who use purely mineral makeup, views that the use of the second generation goes against the rules. Mineral makeup, as much as possible, should use all-natural ingredients so that it can also be used by those who have sensitive skin. Other than that, the first generation mineral products are considered as the best ones to use.

Like most types of cosmetics, however, preference and usage is very subjective and personal. In order to determine if this type of makeup agrees with the user, the only way to find out is to try the product. Certain skin types, especially those with highly sensitive skin types, are very choosy on cosmetic products. In the end, the best mineral makeup kits will be the one which will make the wearer feel more comfortable and beautiful, regardless of the brand.

There are mineral makeup kits available for this type of mineral cosmetic product which will, at the very least, include the basic foundation and an application brush. Some mineral makeup kits are more like complete skin care sets which include eye shadow, blush powder, lip gloss, brush sets, and application wedges. There are a lot of online reviews of the more popular mineral cosmetics outlining contents of the kits and review of the brand. The best mineral makeup kits are those that contain the applications you need at the price that’s affordable to you.

Natural mineral makeup cosmetics composed of finely-ground minerals from the earth, is non-comedogenic and best for sensitive skin.