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Trans Fatty Acids: How To Avoid The Heart Attack Culprits

Trans fats are arguably the single most health damaging nutrient to have been mass produced in the western world. They are responsible for an endless amount of cardiac events in the US alone.

Even more horrific is the fact that many companies are still hiding trans fats in their foods with deceiving marketing tactics.

Thus, here are 5 ways to keep trans fats from killing you:

1. Stick with natural foods as much as you can: Foods that require a long shelf life are much more likely to have trans fats in them. So things like pies, cakes, chips, cookies and other pastries, are likely to be containing trans fats.

2. Avoid relying on the wrapping: There is a loophole that companies can take advantage of. And this loophole allows them to claim zero trans fats in bold right on the front of the packaging. So don’t rely on what the wrapping says.

3. Read the ingredients list: This is where the companies have to lift the curtain so to speak. You see, they are forced to list every single ingredient in the food. And if you see any of the following terms, hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated or vegetable shortening, do not buy the product.

4. Stay away from fast food joints as much as possible: Fast food is one of the most damaging things you can put in your body. Most fast food joints have insane amounts of trans fats in their products. So make sure you stay away as much as possible here.

5. Be smart with butter substitutes: Some people need to have that buttery or margarine flavor in their diet. If this is the case with you, choose a product that is as healthy as possible. My personal recommendation is earth smart balance spread.

Staying away from trans fats is not only a great way to maximize your fitness progress, but also a way to extend your lifespan. So make sure you take them out of your diet today!

Writer Katherine Crawford, an exercise physiologist and recent arm fat sufferer, instructs on how to tone arms. Figure out how to get sexy and toned arms by exploring her blog with shake weight reviews right now!