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Traditional And Projection White Cyclorama

This article will talk about the differences concerning Traditional and Projection Cyclorama. A white cyc is a special stage background or backdrop that encloses or surrounds most of the stage so exclusive visual effects may be used for various movie media, or live motion on the stage. The color white is needed for the cyc since it can be voided out or replaced using a digital backdrop.

The White cyclorama has two primary features. The first is that it serves as a masking device to prevent the viewers from observing into the back stage section. In general the rear wall is invisible from sight. It supplies a beautiful effective and ideal backdrop for the production. The white surfaced cyc today remains being utilized as a full-stage cloth, and is always in a well stocked theater’s inventory. The next is that it offers a surface for simple illumination to produce or improve the scene’s ambiance, so when the white cyc is lighted, it is a typical background for: dance, opera, and plays.

At the moment there are two kinds or styles of White Cyclorama backgrounds the Traditional, and Projection Cyc.What is the classic white surfaced cyc made out of? The white cyc is made from the standard cotton or types of products like muslin having a semi-opaque sheet surface. The classic White Cyc possesses several problems that the user has to deal with to get a very good visual effect.

These problems of the conventional white cyclorama are as follows: One is that the Semi-Opaque cloth with all of brand new lighting effects technologies continues to have issues with lighting the front surface causing reflections to appear with hard edges and scallops producing problems with certain visual background effects such as the optical illusion of sky within the stage. For even lighting, traditional white cyclorama requires standard spacing and coloration. The illumination must be projected on the front of the white cyclorama to prevent the viewers from seeing the origin of lighting. Attention should be regarded to maintain the cyclorama clear of dirt because it’s hard to clean. Additionally, when the cyc has been in storage it must be hung up and steamed for some time to get rid of wrinkles.

The projection cyclorama, projection white cyc or procyc still provides the required masking task. This may be the only function it has in common with the classic cyc. The projection cyclorama substance is often a see-through medium which diffuses light through it like dyes in water. This helps prevent hard outlines and scallops from occurring when lit. The projection cyclorama can be lit from the top, the rear, or both front and rear simultaneously. Light fixtures could be placed directly in front of the projection cyc without out showing the viewers the light source. Here is the huge discrepancy between the projection cyc and the traditional cyclorama. Finally, the projection cyclorama allows for an exceptional range of sky drops or backgrounds.

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