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Top 5 Tips for Handbag Care

Designer handbags are quite valuable not only because of the amount spent by the owner for the handbags but also because it reflects a person’s lifestyle. In this regard, keeping these designer handbags clean and in proper condition should indeed be done more than the usual store-and-use process of the bag.

Here are the top 5 handbag care tips that you should know:

1. The interior of the bag deserves some handbag care in a way that whenever it is being cleaned, all of the interior should be pulled out gently. From there, a soft brush can be used to clean its whole insides. Food crumbs like chocolate particles which usually stick to the nylon material of the bag and other stains should be cleaned with warm water and a soft rag.

2. Whenever your designer handbags have zippers, these should also be very well maintained because these hold things together. Remember, the designer handbag would be useless without these zippers. Zippers can be lubricated and kept away from exposure to water by using beeswax, which is also readily available in hardware stores.

3. The next thing that should be given attention to is the handle of the handbag. Over filling the bag can exceed the weight capacity of the handbag and thus damage the handle due to the shear weight. Designer handles can be fragile and sensitive and so the owner should know its capacity and stick to it to ensure it will last longer.

4. The exterior of the bag is also as significant as most of its parts because it’s what makes it attractive. Whenever it’s raining, it should be kept away from water, but if it does get wet, do not wipe the handbag since it’s better to use a dry cotton rag to absorb the water. Wiping can cause abrasions on the surface of the bag.

5. Where you store the handbag is also very important. Bubble wrap should be used to fill the inside of the handbag so that the shape of the handbag can be maintained. Also be weary of leaving your handbag in one location for a long time as it may absorb the smell or colour from the surface that it sits on. Cotton pillow cases can be used to wrap the handbag to prevent them absorbing the smell of the surrounding area.

Another thing to keep in mind is to keep liquids away from the handbag. Lotions and hand sanitizers should be properly sealed inside zip-locked container or bags in case of leakage.

For your designer handbags to last a lifetime remember to take good care of them.

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