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Tony Creed Designs And The Brand’s Illustrious Founder Tony Creed

An informative article about the Tony Creed label, Tony Creed Jewelry & its illustrious Founder Tony Creed. This article charts the reader through the founding history of the Tony Creed label franchise and its meteoric rise to the top of the gothic sterling silver jewelry industry.

Tony Creed is a southern California based sterling silver jeweller who has been customing creative & top-notch sterling silver jewelry to rockers and celebrities for a long time. Without a doubt, Tony Creed’s talents are easy to see – he possesses one extremely easy to get along with personality.

With marketing genius, Tony Creed positions himself as a ‘person, not a company’. This implies that when you purchase an item of Tony Creed sterling silver jewelry, you are purchasing a a piece of artwork that was made by hands for you – therefore, also meaning a greater worth and a greater price . Not like most exclusive chains of gothic sterling silver jewelry, which have names clearly dichotomised from their creators (Nagual and Joseph Bortoli, Richard Stark and Chrome Hearts, Matt Booth & Room 101, Double Cross and Travis Walker, Heavy Magic and Will Cascio), 2ndly, he designs ‘heirlooms not trinkets.’ Again, a stroke of marketing talent. He signals that his gothic silver jewelry items are highly-priced without clearly stating so. And, he places his offerings against all the Chinese-made imitation crap on sale on Ebay or the machine manufactured trinkets you get at a bodega in Mexico. Tony Creed also generates the climate of scarcity & exclusivity by employing just one man & not a company of workers. The takeaway is that Tony Creed remains true to his ideals & has built a label around his attitude & his passion.

At present, Tony Creed’s Tony Creed Designs remains an underground and rare label, & advertises itself as a expensive line of silver sterling biker jewellery. Tony Creed beautiful 925 sterling silver motorbiker jewellery objects are ultimately luxury pieces, and are sold at levels above what customers can reasonably afford.

Why replicas, fakes and Tony Creed inspired jewelry is rising in popularity

In recent years, Tony Creed jewelry has faced challenges in the form of several offshore competitors with the talent, resources & ability to deliver equally intricate, stunning & well-crafted luxury gothic silver jewelry to bikers & other rock-culture lovers at a tiny fraction of Tony Creed jewelry prices. Now, fans of gothic sterling silver jewelry are given an extensive range of alternatives to original Tony Creed jewelry. Gothic silver jewelry fans are starting to wise up to the ugly truth behind branding, which is actually nothing other than an illusion. Brand is not something that customers can always be expected to pay for. In view of the widespread affordability of cheaper & equally well-crafted offerings, it is little surprise that luxury label jewelry is not an unusual or rare sight on the streets notwithstanding the luxury brand prices of the original. The new & somewhat wiser sentiment is: why burn a hole in your pocket on luxury label jewelry when one could easily get a practically identical piece made from the same best quality 925 sterling silver at a miniscule fraction of the cost?

For a comprehensive documentary of fakes and replicas, the writeup at the Gothic Jewelry page will be very informative.

This writer is an experienced Californian jeweler with a decade of jewelry design experience. He does both jewelry craft and fashion analysis. To find out more about David Yurman, replicas, inspired alternatives and other challenges facing the brand, visit Cross pendants