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Tips To Identify Fake Coach Purses – Know What You Are Getting

If you were to go out today, no matter where you went you would be able to spot someone with a Coach bag. These purses have become very popular and everyone wants one. Because of this popularity, there are a lot of replica and fake bags out there. Be knowledgeable and know a few tips to identify fake Coach purses to make sure you are getting the real deal.

Be sure you are purchasing your purse from the proper source. Coach bags are only available from retail and outlet stores, the website, the catalog and certain specialty department stores. Individuals, purse parties, online auction sites or overseas retailers are not authorized to sell Coach purses and will most likely be selling you a fake.

The signature “C” is what makes a Coach so recognizable. Make sure the bag you want does have the “C”s on it and no other letter. There are bags out there with “G”s or “O”s so be sure yours has the “C”. The “C”s will be in a pattern and the tips of the “C”s will touch. Pairs that are side by side will face each other. The “C”s will not cut off in the middle of the bag. The only time the “C”s will cut off will be on the sides of the bag. Take a look at the way the pattern of the “C”s looks. The pattern should be lined up and straight.

Check inside the bag for the serial number. Inside should be a leather patch with a serial number embossed into it. The serial number will be made up of letters and numbers. All of the zippers Coach uses are by the company YKK. All of the zippers will have the letter YKK in the zipper.

Stitching on all Coach bags are of the highest quality. Look the bag over for any loose stitching, sloppy stitching or anything that is crooked. If anything is pulling or looks of low quality, this bag is not real. Check for anything that is glued. Nothing on these bags should be glued. Everything is to be stitched. Feel the hardware on this bag. It should be heavy and not be able to be bent at all.

Some Coach purses will come with a dust bag. If your purse does, the dust bag should either be brown or tan and the stitching will be red. Stamped on the bag will also be the Coach logo.

All Coach bags come with a Coach logo tag. These are attached by using a looped chain. The logo tags are made of 2 pieces of leather stitched together and the letters in Coach will be raised.

Having knowledge of a few tips to identify fake Coach purses will help you to make an excellent choice when selecting your new purse. These bags are wonderfully made and built to last so knowing your stuff will make the search that much easier.

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