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Tips On How To Look Cool in Glasses.

Are you a glasses wearer? Do you feel as if glasses make you feel and look uncool? If you answered yes then panic not, here are a few great ideas to make sure that you will still look funky.

Follow the ten guidelines below to ensure that you are looking hot as a glasses wearer this year, make everyone jealous of your cool, new look.

The ten transforming tips are:

1. Firstly, pick the correct style of glasses that fits your face shape. For instance a rounded face is normally suited with an angular frame while a square shape will be suited with a round frame. If your lucky to have a heart shaped or an oval shaped face then most glasses will suit you so you’ll have many options to choose from.

2. What sort of character are you? Do you seek to be individual with your own sense of style or do you like to blend into the background with everyone else? Choose from dazzling, bold designs or muted plain designs depending on your traits and characteristics.

3. Do spend wisely on your spectacles, save up in order to have a wide choice available to you as you’ll be wearing them every day for at least a year.

4. Think about your clothing, what style do you wear? Which colours tend to dominate your wardrobe? Try to match your glasses to your clothing so that your glasses co-ordinate with your style rather than clash.

5. Think about your hairstyle, its a good idea to get tips from your hair stylist as to which glasses will suit your cut.

6. The brow of your eyes are of great importance as a glasses wearer as it helps to frame the face so you should make sure that you trim them regularly and are formed well.

7. You must get a good eye cream and concealer that will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark patches/blemishes of the eyes.

8. Try curling your eyelashes as they will be less likely to touch the inside of the lenses thus not smearing them.

9. Dirty glasses are a big turn off so make sure you keep them clean, following the Manufacturers instructions.

10. Last but not least is the most important way in which to protect your glasses by storing them in a glass case, which will not only keep them clean and in shape but will also create a fashion statement. Glasses Cases now come in a variety of designs suitable for your style and look and to compliment your glasses.

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