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Tips On Being Dressing More Like A Star

Celebrities line the magazines every day, promoting beautiful skin, expensive clothing and exclusive restaurants. There are people who try to keep up with the fashions, even on a budget. They buy the lot from Christian Dior replica handbags to Hermes replica handbags to Juicy Couture Replica Handbags. Unfortunately, these bags can only do so much to morph their appearance and in the end they are left looking like phonies. Likewise, there are others who starve themselves to look like movie stars and some who straighten their hair out to look like rock stars. There are a multitude of ways to make yourself look outrageous, all in the hopes of looking a little bit like your favourite actress or the guitarist you can’t help but look up to. However, in the same sense, there are many normal ways to make you look like a movie star without breaking the bank.

One idea is to work on your skin. Every magazine is plastered with the face of a beautiful star, their skin amazing and glowing. As usual, nothing in Hollywood is ever what it seems so expecting to look just like that celebrity is unrealistic since they use computers to airbrush their skin and faces to make them look perfect. Nevertheless, little things like washing your face every night to get rid of marks can help make your skin look healthier. There are even certain foods you can eat that are supposed to help rectify skin and get rid of breakouts. Getting the right shade of make-up can make a load of difference your appearance because the make-up will look more natural.

Likewise, try thrift shopping instead of spending hundreds of dollars at expensive stores in New York City. You’d be amazed by the fantastic things that you can find at consignment shops for less than five dollars.Anyone’s trash is someone else’s treasure and this is especially correct in thrift stores. The thing to recall is that some of the stuff in these stores is garbage and that you will have to go through some of it to find the gems at the bottom of barrels and in the back of racks. One small victory, however, is worth the work and you’ll be dressing like a star in no time.

Lastly, do not be scared to try something new. Many of the celebrities become popular because they try new styles and are a little different. Similarly, you’ll have to be the same way if you want to get noticed. Try dying your hair or wearing insane, printed tights with your skirts. You are sure to get noticed and you’ll feel more Hollywood in no time.

All these tips take time and rehearsal but with the right amount of patience, they can really pull off any look. Just be yourself and you will feel better about whatever you are wearing or whatever your hair looks like. Confidence is the real key in looking great and feeling just as great.

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