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Timeless Trends: The Classic Satchel In Today’s Fashion

The term “satchel” is commonly associated with boys in caps, running to school in an idyllic countryside scene. Satchels refer to bags that have handles for carrying, usually with a strap meant for hanging over the shoulder.

These days, this type of bag is sometimes called a “messenger bag” and still holds its own place in popular fashion today.

The traditional type was meant to be a schoolbag, with compartments for pens, pencils and other school materials. Leather was always the preferred material for school satchels, but these days, they also come in materials such as canvas, vinyl and nylon and have since evolved into trendier and sportier styles for those who prefer a more current look.

A men’s version has also come into fashion and is now widely used by men of all ages and backgrounds. They are built compact, unobtrusive, and generally worn over the shoulder. Built to carry items that can’t fit into pants or jeans pockets, they have become popular for their functionality and subtle style.

With mobile computing as a permanent fixture in today’s everyday lifestyle, these bags that function specifically as laptop and gear satchels are commonly found in the market today. There are laptop, camera, game console and MP3 player versions in different styles and materials. There are even gadget satchels that have different compartments for any kind of gadget and peripheral you may want or bring for your day. These can usually accommodate a laptop, an external hard drive, MP3 player, your PDA or cellular phone, CDs and DVDs, a portable game console and separate pockets for wires, connectors, cables or USB drives.

As one would expect, the most sizable industry in popular fashion is, of course, the women’s department. The humble accessory has been developed into classic and cutting-edge styles that are indispensable to a woman’s everyday ensemble. The traditional handles and strap are still very much present, and the item is now interchangeable with simply being called, a “bag” or “purse”. From high-end types made of top quality materials, to synthetic mass-produced models, there is one for any woman’s needs and budget. Leather will remain the classic favorite, but the development of new materials doesn’t restrict it from evolving into new and exciting styles.

Popular satchel fashion may evolve through the years, but its purpose and basic style will never fade. It will continue to be a significant part of any closet for years to come.

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