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Tigi Bed Head Manipulator: Make Your Hair Look Silky

Tigi Bed head Manipulator is a wonderful little product which is specially designed to achieve that ‘just got out of bed’ look. It’s a marvellous texturising cream that manipulates hair into multiple shapes. Bedhead Manipulator can be used on wet or dry hair – it works well with both. It is long lasting and perfect for any length or texture. A very small amount (the size of a pea) is enough to run through the roots. It shapes hair in desired style, from spikes to twists and flicks and they all look amazing.

It’s not a wax or a gel nor a mousse either. It has a sticky matte feel and Tigi describes it as “a funky gunk that rocks”. When applied, Manipulator spreads throughout hair and, leaves hair frizz free and each strand of hair seems to stand out separately making it more manageable. It smells great and is non oily and washes out easily. Get the ‘Rock on’ effect with Bed Head Manipulator Shampoo which comes in attractive shade of pearly turquoise blue. It gives a sweet smell and is ideal for daily shampooing.

Manipulator Shampoo comes in a cylindrical shape plastic bottle with a pop up nozzle which can also be unscrewed to pour the very last bit out whenever the product gets exhausted. Tigi Manipulator Shampoo is ideal for daily use. It is quite thick in consistency and when massaged into the hair and scalp for about a minute produces a rich lather. After having rinsed out the shampoo the hair appear less tangled than it was prior to application. It gives a deep cleansing effect which makes hair feel light on the head. Manipulator Shampoo should be used in conjunction with the Manipulator Conditioner for best results. Results may vary if used with other conditioners.

Bed Head Manipulator Conditioner is a regular conditioner which should be applied immediately after washing hair with Manipulator shampoo. Soon after cleansing hair with Manipulator Shampoo, spread a small amount of conditioner on your palms and massage scalp with fingers tips starting from the roots till the end and leave it on for about a minute until hair feels soft and smooth, and rinse out. The Manipulator Conditioner is a lovely thick texture, twice as thick as the Manipulator Shampoo and does not produce foam. Avoid using too much of it as it may give an oily effect.

It leaves hair beautifully soft and gives a fabulous shine. Manipulator Conditioner can also be used along with a random shampoo, but if used together with Manipulator Shampoo it works perfectly well and the scent from both the shampoo and the conditioner blends well together leaving a long lasting fragrance in the hair. The manipulator conditioner is a lovely thick texture, about twice as thick as the shampoo. It does not lather and avoid using too much of it as it may give a greasy effect.

Jennifer Summers has been advising on Tigi Bed Head Manipulator for the last 5 years giving clients an in-depth knowledge and guiding them on how to get the best for their hair from using Tigi Manipulator.