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The Way To The Best Skin Care So Wrinkles Really Do Reduce.

If you’re interested in the best anti wrinkle skin care then read on. There are now modern skin care products that really do work against wrinkles. Science is finding the way optimum skin care. Wrinkles really do respond to good anti aging techniques.

As women get older they start to understand why their mothers were interested in anti aging skin care when they were older. They start to see the formation of wrinkles, they begin to find sagging skin under their neck, lines around their mouth and around their eyes.

One of the major reasons for all these signs of aging of the dermis is the loss of collagen and elastin with age. The skin produces elastin and collagen but as it ages it’s ability to do so reduces, and gradually the stores of collagen and elastin reduce and this is seen particularly on your face. As you lose stores of collagen and elastin you lose skin elasticity and it’s this elasticity that helps fight wrinkles and sagging.

And there’s a way to see elasticity at work in your skin. Pinch a piece of skin and pull and let go and, if you’re young, it will snap back into place. If you’re older it will sag back slowly, because your skin elasticity is reduced.

A primary goal of great skin care products is to replace lost collagen and elastin and to promote skin elasticity.

Now the way it’s been done in the past is to just put collagen and elastin in the bottles. Go into your local store and look at the labels of those anti aging products and see if collagen and elastin are listed on the label. Problem is it’s been known by science for some time that putting collagen and elastin in the bottles doesn’t work because they have large molecule sizes and won’t penetrate the skin.

So why are they still put in the bottles? Because it’s a great way to sell lots of bottles because women buy skin care products with collagen and elastin listed on the label.

So if putting them in the bottles doesn’t work how do you combat wrinkles? You still do it by increasing skin elasticity.

One innovative anti aging company has developed a completely new approach. They’re using ingredients in their products that are known to stimulate the skin to produce more of it’s own collagen and elastin. Ingredients like Phytessence Wakame, a Japanese seaweed. For quite a while it’s been known to be the secret behind the great looking skin exhibited by Japanese women.

And they use a special patented ingredient made from the wool of sheep which also helps promote good skin health and better skin elasticity. Studies have shown visible reductions in wrinkles in 2 months.

Great skin is about optimizing skin health and elasticity by promoting the replacement of skin proteins lost with age. This is the how you optimize skin care. Wrinkles reduce in a few months and the skin looks, and feels, healthier.

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