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The VTech 5881: A Feature-Rich Bargain

The ultra-stylish VTech 5881 is a top-notch cordless telephone. Aesthetically pleasing, it features a silver faceplate and an easy-to-read LCD display. Its good looks and solid range of features make it a winning choice for office or home use. The VTech 5881 has a series of installed features, allowing easy use of popular services like call waiting and caller ID.

Those who are space conscious or who’d like to keep their phone out of the reach of the little ones will appreciate the fact that you can mount the VTech 5881 to the wall. Its speakerphone operation provides the flexibility of hands-free operation and additional convenience.

Other features of the VTech 5881 include conference call capability, intercom and voicemail and a helpful handset indicator. This is especially useful if you are not the only person in your house using the phone, you can touch the locator button on the wall mount and it will send out a signal you can follow to locate your VTech 5881 in your teenager’s room, between the couch cushions, or in your toddler’s dollhouse.

If you’re looking for a top-of the line telephone, you’ll be more than pleased with the VTech 5881. It’s the perfect merger of style, function and ease-of use. However, you won’t want to get your own until you’ve done some smart shopping. Take time to compare various vendors’ prices and to look at important matters like repair procedures, customer service, and the availability of an extended warranty before you purchase a phone.

The VTech 5881 is a high-quality telephone with a number of useful features, and as such it retails for just under three hundred dollars. However, a number of these telephones can be found used for considerably less, allowing you to own a high-quality, reliable telephone for a fraction of the cost of buying it new.

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