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The True Information About A Rapid Lash Review That Will Give Potential Answers

If you are a woman looking for an alternative to false eyelashes and wish to grow your lashes and brows with a natural product then you might want to check out Rapid Lash. In looking at the Rapid Lash review sites on the market this product is proving to be hard working and surprisingly effective for many women (and men) who are now using this product on a consistent basis to maintain beautiful lashes.

In looking into detail of the reviews currently available online it looks like there are many women around the country who have had great results from using this product. This is to their surprise more than anyone as they were skeptical of the hype of the product. But when used it worked above their expectations.

Other woman stated that they did not like the higher price, but would pay any amount to aid in the correction of their thinning lashes and brows. Most noticed a result in the average time of three weeks. Others said that after six weeks they were receiving comments on the change and improvement of their lashes. The average size of a bottle is one ounce and it stated to last for one month.

Though the bottle states a one month supply there were several comments that stated their product lasted over a month and some up to four months. These were users that were using it daily. Looking online the average price of Rapid Lash was twenty eight dollars.

One common comment in the reviews was the application of the product. An average Rapid Lash review stated to use the product at nights and then sleep with it on. They said it did not consume a lot of time in their evening routine. Others did say they used it in the morning without any side effects but the product is recommended for night time use.

Some negative reporting stated they had an allergic reaction to the product. Others said they encountered dark circles under their eyes that went away after they stopped using it. Even with the dark circles they noticed their lashes improving and were sad to stop using it. No matter how good a product it there are going to be users that it does not work well for.

Overall the Rapid Lash review that was given was in the positive five star rating. Women are amazed at the results they are seeing with this product. They are amazed at the replacement value of the product that is more natural that other brands out there. Results may vary, but you can use these reviews to help you make your decision and maybe someday write your own.

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