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The Treatment Of Wrinkles

As in most fields, there have been remarkable leaps in advancement in beauty and wellness over the last decade or so. Included in these topics is the subject of wrinkles. There are many techniques to treat wrinkles and you now have the choice of reducing them or totally eradicating them.

Treatment can be topical or cosmetic and the latter can involve surgery. The complete eradication of wrinkles would include surgery.

Here follows some of the most common ways of treating wrinkles from topical treatments, creams and lotions to cosmetic treatments and surgery.

Vitamin A Acid: VAA is also known as tretinoin and can be purchased in such commercial packages as Retin-A and Renova. Vitamin A Acid is the oldest and most widely tested chemical for treating wrinkles, fine lines and aging skin, especially around the eyes. This topical treatment is usually bought as a constituent of creams and they must be rubbed on as indicated on the tub on a recurrent basis.

There are a couple of known side effects but they often fade away quite soon. These side effects are reddening and peeling of the skin, but this can also be ameliorated by reducing the strength of the cream until your skin has become used to the chemical.

Alpha-hydroxy Acids: also called “fruit acids”, contain active ingredients like glycolic and lactic acid. Skin care treatments containing fruit acids leave very little or no skin soreness at all, but they are also less successful than VAA.

Antioxidants: are applied topically in creams such as sunscreen. The antioxidants utilized are typically preparations of vitamins A, C and E. They often include Beta-carotene as well. These sunscreens will offer protection against the sun and offer gentle treatment for the fine wrinkles that the sun causes at the same time.

TIP: Some moisturizers promise to cope with wrinkles, but you should check the contents label, if they do not include any of the above then they cannot do what they promise.

Glycolic Acid peels: these peels are only superficial and so cannot do much to hide wrinkles, although they do have an effect on fine lines.

Deep Peels: these peels usually include salicylic acid or and trichloroacetic acid. These acids penetrate deeper into the skin. It is believed that the deeper the treatment the more successful the suppression of wrinkles. However, the deeper the peel, the more chance of side-effects too. Side effects include, pain or irritation and long term pigmentation changes and scarring. Mild sedation may be needed during the deep peel.

Microdermabrasion; this process may be likened to using a circular sander to strip paint from an old door. A machine uses silica or aluminium crystals to sand the skin down to a level where the wrinkles do not exist. They will make the skin smoother after six or seven sessions.

Dermabrasion: is the full sanding job under a general anesthetic. It is usually carried out by a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. It can also create side-effects like scarring and permanent changes in skin color.

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