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The Top 5 Natural Hairstyles To Style For Women

Going natural is the trend these days ? people are now inclined to find ways to go back to the basics and welcome wellness. Organic products, mineral make-up, natural juices are now what the consumers are looking for From the inside out, the desire to go back to a simple life is prevalent to a fast-paced society. Somehow, we have all felt tired of going through all the routine and hassles of procedures just to achieve a required standard.

Our natural hair, included, was not saved from the previous trend. Some women have expressed wanting to have a transition from a relaxed to a natural hair. Sadly, people around them would tell them otherwise. But if you are one of those who would like to give your hair a break and just let it grow, here are a few suggestions we would like you to consider on styling your special natural hair.

Of course, natural hair growth varies from one person to another which makes caring for the hair exciting and dynamic. Unless we all have the same DNA and scalp, there will be no variations of curly, kinky, coily, wavy and straight hair in the world.

Let us mention a few hairstyles for your natural hair and see which ones fit you best, or you are most comfortable with, or both.

Straight Natural Hair

Straight natural hair can be worn short or long. You may also let your hair fall down or pulled them up in a bun. Haircuts for straight natural hair may vary as well depending on the shape of the face (that?s another story). Nevertheless, you may do as you please with such type of hair.

Naturally Wavy Hair

Naturally wavy hair looks best if the volume of the hair is thick. You may do away with brushing and still the hair looks good and hot because wavy hair fits the wash and go person best. You can also wear your wavy hair

Coily Natural Hair As for the coily natural hair, you can do flat twists from the front until halfway and do bun or box braids when you reach the back. If you choose to braid it, you may choose from a variety of braid hairstyles. Try to come up with a hairstyle that looks good with your natural hair twists.

Curly Natural Hair Curly hair looks cute and may have a lot of hairstyle options to choose from. Aside from the ones mentioned above for coily hair, you may also have it washed with gel, most especially if the diameters of the curls are well in shape and uniform. Remember too that some styles may not look good on curly hair as the curls get bigger and longer.

Hair types may be a combination of two hair types, and even with such combination can be addressed with a definite hairstyle. Just bear in mind that natural hairstyling can be so much fun. You can do what you want with your hair as you want it, whenever you want it.

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