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The Rise Of Facebook And MySpace In The Internet

Like all fads that were once hot, is quickly becoming supplanted by a comer, It was just a few short years ago, that everyone who was online had a MySpace page, now it’s Facebook’s turn.

When Fox purchased MySpace for $320 million everyone thought it they were making a great deal. MySpace was riding high and it seemed like it would do so indefinitely.

When MySpace was king, it was where millions found themselves checking out their friends’ pages and creating their own. At the time, it had valuable functions that you couldn’t find elsewhere. You could set up your page to play a certain song when it was opened. You could chose from various “skins” to personalize your home page. It was the “in” online place to be.

The beginning of the end for MySpace was in 2008. Millions of people began leaving MySpace in favor of Facebook. Some have kept both accounts and but used Facebook as their primary account. Now, not many people use MySpace as their only social networking account.

MySpace’s fall from grace was not surprising considering how quickly technology changes. If you don’t adapt and keep current, users will find another online tool. Many people said they dropped MySpace because it was slow to implement user requests. It only recently implemented an updates system used by Facebook for well over a year.

Marketing also had something to do with the population decline on MySpace. Many people thought that MySpace wasn’t inclusive. It wasn’t seen as a place where people of all ages congregated.

Facebook is seen differently and that’s part of its overwhelming appeal. With Facebook, many entire families have gotten involved and created their own pages. So, with more users, Facebook has become the more popular social networking site.

Facebook is on top now because it has remained nimble and marketed itself better than MySpace. It will have to keep up to stay there, since the internet is such a rapidly changing environment. Who knows what the next big thing will be on the internet? Years from now, maybe no one will even remember MySpace or Facebook.

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