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The Rewards Of Holding A Note On Your Properties

In the typical real estate transaction, the bank loans you the money to buy the property, but many real estate owners miss the chance to make money from a source that they frequently do not even see. What would that do, you say?

Let us just say, for this example, you have sold a property that you have fifty thousands dollars in equity in. Selling the property and accepting that one lump sum may expose you to certain taxes and lower your profit potential from it. There is always the usual income tax and certain local taxes that may apply, but larger, more burdensome taxes may also apply.

Taxes, overall limit the amount of motivation many potential business people have, so it makes you wonder why the government institutes such burdensome policies and regulations. It may seem counter intuitive, but loaning the buyer your profits from the sale may be the best way to limit your tax liability and generate some income doing so. Now, I do not recommend loaning the money back unless you have primary lien position, otherwise you can lose every cent you have in the deal in the event of a foreclosure by the primary lien holder.

By loaning on your own property, you have a very proactive opportunity in dealing with the home owners and can cut off any foreclosure by dealing directly with the borrower. If the buyer does get behind on payments, you simply go to them personally and express some empathy for them, then offer to take the property back through a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Most people do not want the shame and embarrassment of being foreclosed on, so they will iron things out with you, if for no other reason than to salvage their credit history. From there you can rent the property back to them or you can send them on their way and look for another buyer to sell it to. Buying a home is on the forefront of many minds, so loaning out your money on it again is not too difficult.

Loaning your money out again will do a lot of positive things, including helping your next buyer improve their credit history, and bring you a nice chunk of change as you go along. The homeowner may even eventually refinance you out of your lien position altogether.

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