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The Return Of The Wild West! Leather Cowboy Hats For Fashion

Cowboy hats are back in fashion and everyone just loves them! They bring back memories of a lifestyle that made America the great nation it is today. Hardworking, rugged outdoorsmen who battled the elements on a daily basis. The hat they wore was their only protection from sun, rain, sleet, snow, and dusty winds. No wonder it was tough, as tough as they were. And the toughest of them all is the leather cowboy hat. The lifestyle has all but disappeared but the leather cowboy hat remains, a silent witness to the resilience of those nation-builders. The leather cowboy hat is as tough as ever, and has its own handsome looks. They are hard wearing, yet easy on the head, so you can wear one comfortably all day.

Leather is a natural material, and has a tendency to take the shape of the wearer’s head with time, giving a comfortable fit. Unlike felt and fabric, it is wrinkle resistant, and retains its shape and size for its lifetime. It breathes well preventing perspiration from building up in the scalp, yet it stops cold winds from affecting the wearer’s head. Hence it is comfortable wear in all seasons and weather conditions. Available in many natural shades from black to tan to light buff it complements the wearer’s complexion and hair tone.

Felt and straw cowboy hats are very popular but leather cowboy hats have a charisma all their own. This puts them above the other varieties of cowboy hats. Leather cowboy hats are the choice and pick of the elite, the celebrities who set the trends for today’s fashion.

Another reason for leather’s dominance is that it is extremely durable in all sorts of weather, and that’s why leather cowboy hats are reliable and effective protection for the wearer in the severest of environmental conditions. Straw is very good and light, but its lightness is its very weakness! It cannot last one season in the rain or snow, and as for the sun, the sunlight and its heat easily pass through the straw weave and affect the wearer’s head! Felt cowboy hats afford much better protection from the weather than straw cowboy hats. But they are hard to maintain. They deform easily when wet, and are prone to breaking up with rough handling. Besides many wearers complain that a felt cowboy hat feels like a cardboard hat! The bottom line is that leather cowboy hats are well worth the high price tag that they come with.

Your leather cowboy hat requires little or no maintenance. An occasional brush down will keep it looking as good as new even after many months of service. If the leather cowboy hat does get soiled, you need only to give it a gentle wipe using a good quality leather cleaner. If it is thoroughly soaked just let it it dry out on its own. Do not attempt to hasten the drying process! The leather cowboy hat may alter its shape and size if it is exposed to heat or breeze when it is wet.

A leather cleaner is recommended for getting grime out of the grain of the leather cowboy hat. Choose a high quality cleaner which is formulated to maintain the natural oils in the leather itself. The natural oils prolong the leather’s life and hence, the hat’s life. Ask a reliable vendor of high quality leather wear about the best leather cleaner for your hat. Always make it a point to test the cleaner on a hidden patch, before using it on the whole hat.

Most reputable stores which carry quality leather wear offer a cleaning service. You may want to avail of this service as an alternative to doing it yourself. Store your leather cowboy hat in a cool place. A word of caution when you’re storing the leather hat: prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is not advisable as this may discolor the leather.

Costly they may be, but leather cowboy hats give good value for money, outlasting the competition, and, lady or gent, you’re sure to stun the onlookers with those great good looks set off by a matching beauty on your head!

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