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The Remarkable Origination Of The Sophisticated Skagen Women’s Watch

Coming to New York to represent another watch company found two immigrants marketing Danish watches. It was original an expansion of another brand, but it became much more than what each of the immigrants expected. The Danish brand was nice to have and that was what these two found out quickly, but the Skagen watch Company was soon to begin.

The couple who introduce this design to the American market found that the brand was likable by the public, but would not become popular because of just the logo and name recognition. Quality and affordability had to go with the name recognition.

Because of this, the immigrants ordered four designs and over eight-hundred time pieces from the Danish company and branded them as Skagen. The order shortly sold out as did another order. This is when the new company took off.

The four designs made the immigrants in New York desire to initiate additional designs and those grew to over thirty different models for the next year. Their perception of what individuals wanted made their designs different from the rest of the watch designs on the market and this turned into a triumph.

The Scandinavian concept and quality of the watch for men were also marketed as sensibly priced time pieces for the everyday person. The accidental meeting of one of the designers with a person from a large American catalog turned the tide.

Selling the watches from their New York apartment house, the couple earned over $800,000 and sold every bit of stock they had on hand. This first success was one of the women’s watch designs the immigrants had developed.

With this success, the designers approached Bloomingdale’s and convinced them to place their line in the store on a trial basis. By the end of the first day, all the watches were sold and Bloomingdale’s had to make a rapid repeat order. This launched the brand and made it one of the new stars in the watch market by 1998. The next market would be the world, which included Denmark.

Soon after their success in America, the two originators set up an office in their home country of Denmark and quickly grew to eighty stores. The 250 designs marketed by the designer are being sold worldwide in over 5,000 stores. The chance that this couple took with the original marketing of four designs has grown into a million dollar company spanning the world while still being creative in design.

That small New York apartment has developed into a starting point for all the models from Denmark to the rest of the world. There is no longer just two employees, there is now over 170 working in many places, but still assisting in new, creative designs. The original designers’ passion has made the world want more and more.

The first goals of the Skagen mens watches company were to make unique designs and models at a good price. Not only are Skagen men’s wrist watch nice to have, but they are being worn by millions of people around the world.