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The Relationship Of Women And Their BCBG Handbags

Men have always wondered why every woman had to have a handbag. Some have likened it to a third arm. Some regard it as a fetish. Others even insultingly call it the portable hand luggage. Men really do not understand that women like having things conveniently close to the, so that spur of the moment decisions can be done with the help of the handbag which contains literally everything a woman needs. Men too have handbags: the satchel.

BCBG handbags are made with the conscious consideration of what may appeal to women. The more pockets and divisions there are, the more the women love the thought of what they can put inside them. BCBG even designed a handbag organizer, where there were more pockets and divisions set up in one compact purse that could fit inside the BCBG handbags. This only makes for more things to put in there. From cosmetics to medical supplies, to overnight needs, you name it, it is in there.

The thought of losing a handbag is like losing one’s privacy. Everything and I mean everything is inside a woman’s handbag. Sometimes, there are more things inside these bags than the total amount of things on top of a vanity table.

BCBG handbags are the designs of well known French fashion designer Max Azria, who obviously has a keen interest and understanding of women’s fashion needs, including handbags. What is generally a well made and quality fashion design has managed to translate itself pretty successfully in the BCBG collection.

Being a designer brand, it is only possible to look for the BCBG products from 75 fashion boutiques in the United States. For those outside or have no time to physically shop for the bags, it is easy to do so by simply logging into eBay! and Overstock which makes it possible for even out of the country purchases. Even this great service was a detail that the designer did not overlook.

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