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The Real Cost Of Teeth Whitening

There is no question about it, having beautiful teeth encourages us to smile more and boosts self-confidence. Teeth lose their natural bright white colour for many reasons, but the main ones are smoking, drinking coffee, tea and red wine, aging and some foods, such as beetle nuts. If you have let your teeth go, there is no need to worry, dentists can almost perform miracles these days. The first step would be to have your teeth repaired and then to have them descaled, polished and whitened.

In this piece, we will be looking at teeth whitening and the real cost of teeth whitening. Teeth whitening comes under the category of cosmetic dentistry. It is not a difficult procedure to carry out and does not take long to do. Most people only need one session and most sessions last only an hour, but it really depends on the extent of the discolouration.

However, in general, stains due to intake will lighten by four or five shades, while stains due to medication or hereditary factors will lighten about three shades. There are two basic forms of teeth whitening systems: professional and home whitening. There are also joint, hybrid methods.

Professional Teeth Whitening: this is performed by a trained, professional dentist or dental technician either in the dental surgery or at your home

Home Teeth Whitening: this encompasses using traditional, home remedies or shop-bought, gels, liquids, pastes, trays, strips and pens. With one hybrid system, the dentist makes trays for you to use at home on your own.

All of these teeth whitening systems will have a noticeable effect on the colour of your teeth, but the dentist is the only one who will guarantee that everything goes as it ought.

Time and convenience are part of the deliberation for many people in spite of of the actual cost. Being able to carry out teeth whitening while you are home relaxing after work is a big attraction. The cost of teeth whitening varies a great amount, depending mostly on whether a dentist is involved or not, as their time is extremely expensive. The remedies differ in price, but so much.

In America, the cost of professional teeth whitening is usually between $500 and $2,000. However, the major part of this cost is the dentist, so you could go abroad to have the treatment. For instance, professional teeth whitening in Thailand costs $250. Over-the-counter teeth whitening goods in the USA cost between $30 and $50.

Besides the ease of being able to conduct your own teeth whitening at home, it is true that this method takes longer. You might need to work at it for several weeks, whereas a professional remedy is immediate, within 90 minutes.

The real cost of teeth whitening though is sensitive teeth. Often this sensitivity is short-lived, but it can last a long time. Both hot and cold drinks can cause you pain and some of the more dubious teeth whitening kits can cause thinning of the enamel, so that the dentin may become uncovered and that is not a pretty colour.

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