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The Premium Fuel To Succeed

For a leader, the essential component of peak performance is in finding a mentor and being a mentor

When I attended a conference last year, a speaker talked on Relationships that made a big difference in my own life.

He said: “Relationships greatly influence your life’s flight path, some are seasonal and some lifelong. The premium fuel to succeed in life is by entering and developing premium lifelong relationships, and we need to work hard for that. I suggest you must be intentional about finding inspiring people; Find someone who is already at the next level where you want to reach. Just in the presence of these premium people your life will improve.

Relationships are best built when you can be the giver and not just take from it; Don’t just keep taking from the premium people around you, but instead look for ways to add value to their lives too.

Expect flaws in high level people. Quit looking for the perfect person to find as a mentor. High level people have idiosyncrasies and faults just like anyone else and, they will fail to meet your expectations. What makes high level people successful is because they succeeded in spite of their faults and not by absence of them. When you discover your hero has faults, be encouraged because you can also become a high level person even with your faults”

Your growing upline can be the one to mentor you. In order to establish trust to build a lifelong relationship, you have to work hard at it. Communication is the Bed rock of any relationship and, therefore communicate with them regularly. Since it adds value to give, always leave more behind that you take from that relationship.

Ask these questions to yourself:

1. Do you have someone in your life as a mentor (a trusted coach)?

2. If not, why not? What has stopped you from establishing a relationship?

3. If so, do you regularly communicate with your mentor and seek the answers by asking questions ? Because the answer is in every question.

4. Has a master mind alliance been established to find solutions to your problems?

5. Do you have with your mentor an accountability relationship?

6. Are you truly honest with your mentor or, just to get the answer you are looking for you twist or embellish your real situation ?

We hope and pray that you achieve all the goals you set in life. Life is like a lemon race, it is not just a marathon, where you don’t win if the lemon falls off the spoon. You will not be happy to win the race of life if you lose the lemons – Relationships, Health, Integrity, Family, Spiritual, Financial, Character, etc.

Our Business will not only help you get rich, you will also be empowered to win the Lemon Race! Go win your lemon race!! Make yourself and your family proud!! We are in your corner and cheering you on..

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