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The Positives And Negatives Effects Of Coffee

If you find yourself drinking coffee on a regular basis, you’ve probably thought about this at some point or another. You may even think about it every day, if you’re as anxious as I am.

Coffee is one of the most widely-used beverages on the planet, with hundreds of millions of people drinking it around the world. It tastes great and provides us with certain benefits, such as a boost in energy from the caffeine contained in it.

Research has shown that drinking reasonable amounts of coffee makes a person feel more aware and focused, leading to increased productivity. If you feel yourself lagging behind at work, you might benefit from drinking a cup of coffee sometime.

It’s clear that drinking coffee provides some benefits for our mental states, but the picture isn’t so clear when it comes to the physical effects. Some say that it coffee is harmless, while other say that it causes long-term damage.

Some research has shown that coffee does play a part in raising blood pressure levels when consumed regularly. It also increases heart rate, and these two effects together can frighten many people into avoiding coffee.

However, the same research points out that for such ill effects to be caused by coffee, an individual would have to consume large amounts over a long period of time. A cup a day, or something in that range, likely won’t cause any health problems.

Antioxidants also come into play whenever there’s a discussion on the health benefits of coffee. Some more recent studies have shown the existence of antioxidants in coffee beans, which may help prevent cancer in some people. It’s easy to see how coffee could contain these properties, since it’s all-natural. Red wine has been known to have the same properties for a while now.

Whatever the positives and negatives of coffee, the number one rule – as with all foods and drinks – is that it should be consumed in moderation. Anything can have harmful effects when it makes up too large a portion of your food intake. It’s also important to be careful with stimulants such as coffee, especially as you get older.

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